My Random Thoughts

Saturday, December 31, 2005

somethings got to give


i know this may sound silly…wanting to learn french because of a movie soundtrack…but it is just true. i recently saw the movie something’s got to give, for like the 4th time and just absolutely love the music in the film, so much that i would like to learn to speak the language. it is such a beautiful language. i love to listen to that soundtrack and just wonder to myself…what in the world is she singing about? because i do not know the language i guess i can make the song mean whatever i wish!

saying goodbye to 2005

it will not be long before the year is over...2005. count down has begun. i will probably hang low tonight with a small group of friends...cookout, fireworks and whatnot!

i have had a wonderful year, yes i must say that 2005 was not a bad year at all. i learned so much about myself and found so many new strengths that i never new i had. i moved back home last year to be closer to family and friends. i am loving every single minute of it. it is as though i never left. time has a way of slipping from me and past memories are disappearing into the distance. time is now. happiness for me is right now - this very second - i am making the most of it.

new years resolutions:

1. no worrying about things that i cannot control - will be the hardest one for me
2. shed a few pounds - already started on that one
3. save a little money - pay off those dreaded bills
4. move into a house - one day
5. learn to trust - i am working on this one
6. learn french before the year is over

Friday, December 30, 2005

the bud light label

i woke up early this morning and had a strange urge to post an entry...very unlike me that early, but here goes....last night, i was sitting on my back porch drinking a bud light, peeling off the label of a somewhat lukewarm wet bottle and suddenly had a revelation. the label peeled so easily as though it really was not attached to the bottle at all, it just molded to the shape of the bottle. my strange mind could not help but compare myself to the bud light label...i sat there for like 15 minutes staring at the bottle. yeah, i could not help but think to myself that i was a little crazy but let me try to explain. i think sometimes people really do not have a clue to where their life is headed. we all just mold and adapt to the situation that we are put in in life. we are like the bud light label...not attached to anything and can be easily stripped away of what is comfortable in our lives. i realized that there is so much that i would like to do with my life and i do not need to sit around and adapt in this environment...i need to make a difference.

cleaning out the closet

ok, so the first post is not actually in 2006 yet but who really cares. i am not one to always follow my own rules. actually, i am taking my old blog and updating it, cleaning out the closet if you will. i will be using many of my old posts that in the past meant something to me and taking out the ones that did not mean a thing, as well as adding many new thoughts. i am feeling inspired right now and am looking forward to 2006!